Advertising: Words rendered as art

An effective ad begins not from the drawing board, but from the pen. Translating your product...your issue...into words is the most important phase of your marketing task; one that begins with really understanding your business, your market and your sales points. We get the idea on what it is you do...and we'll grasp the nuances of your market situation better than any communications professionals with whom you've ever worked. The end product is ad copy that truly conveys what you're about...and that reaches your audience at the exact place you've intended.

We're masters at print advertising...from news press to glossy full color and specialty pieces. We have in-house photo-imaging capabilities that can save a great deal over what other agencies may have charged for photography and artwork. And whether in print, or for radio/electronic media, we never accept advertising commissions. We assess which medium will be most effective in building traffic, so that you can make the best advertising management decisions.